Welcome to Treespotting.com

Treespotting.com started as a venue for a hobby, as outlined below. However, it's recently become a haven from the evil empire, a testbed for perl and php scripts, a photo album, another photo album, and the newest craze in vanity emails. If you've been bitten by the bug and want your own treespotting account, send an email to pen at treespotting daht com (figure it out, and hopefully spambots won't), and I'll see what I can do.

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Treespotting as a hobby works much like birdwatching. Start by noticing the trees in your own back yard. Learn about different species, how they got there, and what they add to your environment.

As you find unique trees, take pictures and keep a log or journal of the trees you've spotted. Long-term, you can try to log all the trees that are native to your area, and all the trees that have historic or personal significance to you. In coming months years, we'll be adding ways to log your trees on this website and share your progress with others.

Treespotting as a movement starts with the idea that trees are productive and necessary members of the community, and that the work they do is vital for our survival, and worthy of citizenship and property rights to protect them. Share this idea with others...


Treespotting has 3 main goals:

  1. Provide a way to enjoy the outdooors that isn't detrimental to the outdoors
  2. Increase awareness of the value of trees to your community
  3. Long term, begin work to recognize trees as fellow citizens, necessary for our survival and deserving of full citizenship and property rights.